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Designed and developed in Kona, Hawaii by JAK Associates using processes guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding expectations in Big game tackle.

You can't buy better quality anywhere!

At any Price!

The Next Generation of Wind-on Leaders

We believe that, after extensive destructive testing and subsequent process modifications, we have created construction techniques and processes that have resulted in a wind-on leader that combines the very best features of a single wall leader and the very best features of a double wall leader. The result is a leader that has all of the strength of a double wall and the thinness that eases the transition through smaller guides inherent in the single wall leader.

From the DBL-LOK end loop that can not come undone, to our unique serves, and the use of the very best materials available, our wind-ons are superior to anything currently on the market!

Plus , we have a money back - no questions asked - guarantee. If you don't like our wind-ons - for any reason - you will get your money back!

All of our wind-ons are made with Jerry Brown Industries Line One Hollow Spectraź. and Jerry Brown Industries Bold One Spectra Adhesive.

Our wind-ons - both leaders and top shots - have four unique features that are not available on any other brand of wind-ons:


The end loops on our wind-ons are made using a double blind splice as advocated by Jerry Brown. This is the key step that makes it possible to make single wall wind-ons and insures that the loop will never come undone.


Due to the ultra small diameter of the Jerry Brown Spectra that we use in making the 30#, 40# 50# and 60# wind-ons, we insert a piece of spectra into the loop which creates a double walled end loop. This significantly reduces the possibility that the spectra loop will cut through monofilament mainlines. No other producer offers this important feature!


This unique step is what provides our wind-ons with the strength of a double wall leader.

Until now, the weak spot in the single wall process was the point where the mono ended inside the spectra. Occasionally, the end of the mono could work its way through the side of the spectra with unpleasant results. Also, results of our destructive testing of numerous leaders indicated that the single wall of spectra does not seem to grip the mono as tightly as does two layers of spectra. And, our testing clearly indicated that one of the most common places of leader failure is at the very end of the mono. This is due to the fact that other manufacturers just round off the end of the mono which means that the spectra fibers are stretched as they "climb" over the hump created by the end of the mono.

To overcome these difficulties, we developed a process where we insert the end of the mono into a short piece of spectra. We then work the mono out the side of the sleeve and taper the last two inches of mono. This tapering accomplishes three things - 1) the end of the mono is much more flexible and will not work its way through the side of the spectra and passes through the guides much more easily, 2) the tapering process leaves an abraded finish on the mono which significantly improves the ability of the spectra to tightly grip the mono, 3) the hump on the end of the mono disappears resulting is a much more gentle transition for the spectra fibers.

The sleeve covering the mono is then inserted into the single wall end loop in a way that results in the tag ends of the sleeve and the DBL-LOK end loop overlapping inside the single wall of spectra which substantially increases the pressure that holds both tag ends in place.

As can be seen, the last 14" of mono is now encased inside two layers of spectra which provides all of the benefits of a double wall leader.


Some manufacturers suggest that the serve is a relatively passive thing and only needs to be held in place under slack conditions relying on the "finger cuff" ability of the spectra to maintain the integrity of the leader. This may be true as long as the leader is under constant tension. But, the
tension on the line with a large fish on can change dramatically from moment to moment. In addition, the diameter of mono decreases with increased tension. Our destructive tests clearly indicate that these two factors will cause a poorly made serve to fail AND have clearly demonstrated that if the serve fails, the leader will also. As a result, we pay significant attention to making our serves and have developed a process that produces the strongest, smoothest serve made.

The first step is to apply a de-glossing agent to the mono at the point where the serve will be. Next, Jerry Brown's Bond One Spectra Adhesive is applied to the spectra and carefully forced through the fibers to insure complete contact with the mono. After the adhesive has cured, a 2 inch continuous wrap of nylon rod guide wrapping thread is applied. We use this thread because it can be applied under more tension and thus applies more pressure to the spectra.

The wrap begins and ends with four half hitches which provide the strongest and most secure ends to the serve. Also, none of the serve is applied to the mono because our tests have clearly indicated that, on mono lighter than 200#, stretch can occur in the mono that will cause the serve to separate leading to leader failure. More JB Bond One Spectra Adhesive is applied to the half hitches on each end to insure maximum adhesion of the serve to the mono. The serve is then finished with a coat of Aftcote rod finish epoxy which provides an extremely tough and smooth surface.

The Best Damn Wind-on Leaders Available Anywhere at Any Price!

Our Basic Product Line Includes The Following:

Standard Quality Wind-on Leaders and Top Shots:

These items are made with either Momoi Hi-Catch or Sufix monofilament.

Best Quality Wind-on Leaders and Top Shots:

These items are made with Momoi Diamond monofilament. This line is the clear choice for extreme conditions! Tougher finish offers superior abrasion resistance for extreme conditions! New formulations offers tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests. And superior knot strength which is the most critical factor in choosing a monofilament. Momoi's unique "Diamond Clear" color combines the benefits of high visibility yellow line and the clarity of clear line.

Yo-Zuri Hybrid Fluorocarbon Wind-on Leaders:

This line has been the best seller in our product line. It has out sold everything else by a margin of 6 to 1. Over the past two years, we have sold over 3,000 leaders made with this product and have not had a single complaint or return. For more information, go to:

Try one, you will like it!

Momoi 100% Fluorocarbon:

This is the best of the best in 100% fluorocarbon leader material and at prices that are lower than all the rest!

Also available in custom sizes. If you don't see what you want on our website -, send us an email - - describing your requirements or call - 808 987 1717 and we will get back to you with prices

We can ship up to 8 leaders for one S&H fee of $6.00.

We have been selling on Ebay for quite a while and you can look at the feedback from our customers by going to:

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What is a Wind-On Leader?
A wind-on leader is typically attached to a reel's main line using a loop-to-loop connection. This allows the angler to crank the leader through the rod guides and onto the reel. Ordinary leaders force the angler to stop reeling when the swivel reaches the rod tip, leaving the remaining length of leader (25+feet) in the water and requiring the use of a leader man. Our wind-ons are typically 25 feet long, but we will custom make them to any desired length.

Why use one?
Wind-on leaders are much safer (especially important for families that fish together) because the angler can wind the leader onto the reel eliminating the dangerous snarls of heavy leader to be handled by a leader man. Wind-on leaders are stronger because the angler has 15 to 20 turns of LEADER on the reel allowing for a much tighter drag setting and better control at the end of the fight. With wind-ons, the leaders on your lures can be reduced 5-7 feet allowing the angler to literally bring the fish that close to the boat for easy gaffing or netting. Wind-ons also allow the angler to quickly adapt to changing fishing conditions by easily changing to heavier or lighter leader by utilizing the loop to loop connection.

JAK Associates has years of experience in the pursuit and capture of large Ahi and Marlin of all types. Our leaders have been tested and proven, time and time again, in the waters of the Marlin capital of the world!

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